eq2Textbook solutions fall seriously short when it comes to today’s complex national security and biotechnology problems. Recognizing this, SoSACorp has assembled a top-notch cadre of scientists, engineers, and DIME → HSCB / PMESII* authorities capable of peering beyond traditional paradigms and developing brand new approaches tailored to our customer’s needs.

We work problems from all angles – the user side, where we focus on requirements definition, evaluation of potential solutions, and, ultimately, training in selected solution approaches; the systems side, where we formulate solution concepts, architect and engineer our solutions, and fabricate and deploy them; and the HSCB / PMESII side, where we develop and exploit an in-depth understanding of the environments we wish to impact.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, our work involves a wide range of disciplines. These include, among others: system-of-system analysis, architecting, and engineering; life sciences and biotechnology; intelligence collection and exploitation; advanced sensing; data mining and knowledge discovery; optical, RF, and esoteric signal processing, analysis, and fusion; communications; physical security; cyber security; user-focused system / concept utility analysis; complex campaign design and conduct; and user / operator training.


We are always looking for exceptional, qualified, personnel.  Please view our Employment site for our latest job opportunities.


* DIME → HSCB / PMESII = {diplomatic, information, military, economic} → {human, social, cultural, behavioral / political, military, economics, social, information, infrastructure}